"He is in essence a true jazz performer, composing as he improvises. Kirk's impressions are masterpieces."          - Down Beat

"Nurock is a soulful new music/jazz pianist whose wondrous technique never upstages his mercurial creativity."         -Village Voice

 "Nurock's piano style emerges from a joyously iconoclastic compositional bent."          - Keyboard Magazine

"Mr. Nurock is so intriguing a pianist that labels such as 'jazz' and 'classical' are irrelevant"          -New York Times

"To Kirk--Wow, you gas me!"          - from an autograph by Dizzy Gillespie

"Mr. Nurock has unique credentials"          - New York Times

"Kirk Nurock is a composer-pianist who has always defied categorization."          - Village Voice

“Nurock’s solos move from classical to stride to boogie to free and back. At times you will seem to hear two pianos.  Monk meets Tatum in 2001!!          - JazzReview.com  [of Still at Sea]

"You're forgiven if you've never heard of Nurock whose talent turns out to be commensurate with his long-time obscurity.  Nurock is proof that brilliance and fame often mix like oil and water."          - Entertainment Weekly

"Nurock's new recording came out of nowhere, foucssing our attention on a gifted original who seems to have been honing his considerable talents in private for decades."          - The New Yorker

"Nurock's been hiding and we feel the deprivation.  If you've never heard his relentlessly elegant--yes those two words can go together in his case--piano playing, make a beeline to this rare gig."          - Village Voice (Voice Choice)